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Your deviantART education…

I really love deviantART – internal politics aside, it’s really a pretty fantastic medium for bringing artists together. Yeah, there’s a premium version, but most of the essential functions are free, and with Ad Block and NoScript installed on my Firefox, I don’t even see the ads anymore.

I used to be a lot more active in the community, and had a lot more artsy friends to geek out with. Unfortunately, as my frequency of updating decreased drastically, so did the network I had ready access to. I still check my inbox  and look at a dozen or so pieces every day, which is wonderful for keeping me somewhat in touch with the subculture, but it’s a very one-sided and passive relationship.

Which is why I was so excited when one of my best friends recently went on a deviantART bender after following a link I’d sent along and spent an entire evening browsing through the site. “Excellent,” I thought. “I shall compile a list of awesome deviations they could look at, which will then pull them deep into the culture and give me an art companion into the bargain.”

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