Phire Who?

Phire Phoenix is a name that I’ve been using on the internet since I figured out what the internet is. It’s also the only name I’ve ever used that is consistently available to me as a username when registering on a new site, so it stuck. As far as alliterative handles featuring mythical animals picked by 12-year-olds go, it could’ve been a lot worse.

By day I write code for websites and also go to school to learn how to write code for computers and answer to the name Jenny. By night I read dystopian cyberpunk and TinyLetters filled with feelings and guides on how to be a feminist witch. (I’m kidding – no one has written that yet. If you know how to become a feminist witch, plz let me know.)

I’m probably listening to Hamilton right now.

Things I frequently write about include, but are not exclusive to, social issues, technology, geek culture, sociology, literature, fandom, art, and language. I will defend my Oxford comma to the death and my cat is probably needier than your cat.

I’m also in lots of other places on the internet:

Email me if you’d like! I’m nice, probably.