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Weekly Round-Up

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Canada! I hope you’re having a relaxing weekend.

Here are the links from Google+ and Twitter this week:

Steve Jobs passed away on Wednesday to an outpouring of grief and mourning across the world. The Onion has a surprisingly touching tribute. Chris Brogan tells us to be careful that our time isn’t slipping away from us before our eyes. Google and Samsung delay their product announcement in deference. Everyone has been rewatching Steve Jobs’ 2005 commencement address at Stanford, but Megan McArdle for The Atlantic analyses why the advice might not be what everyone needs to hear. But hey, here’s to the crazy ones.

In other news, Topeka, Kansas wants to decriminalize domestic violence in order to….save money. Yes. This is a first-world country we’re talking about, here.

Corabella Foster on Google Plus has an eloquent manifesto about why, even if you don’t care about Occupy Wall Street, you should care about what the police brutality at OWS means for the rest of the country.

Thank a type designer – What if famous logos all used the system default fonts that come installed with your computer?

The ESD Sex Scandal – A fascinating if chilling story about a young woman who was seduced by her much older teacher, and subsequently expelled when the scandal came to light. Lots of administrative wrongdoing to shake your fist at.

Apparently 49% of Republicans don’t know what GOP stands for. Do you?

Google puts MySQL in the cloud – Google finally adds a relational database service to their App Engine Platform to entice developers to rely on their platform-as-a-service.

First Lady Aims to Break World Jumping Jack Record – Michelle Obama is pretty kick ass, and now she’s trying to get America’s youth to start exercising more. By breaking the Guiness book of world records. She doesn’t aim low, that one.

Here’s what happened on the blog this week:

Good Job Not Screwing Up, Tide – Tide manages to do a commercial that tackles gender non conformity in a relatively okay way.

A Town Without Poverty – Manitoba used to have a guaranteed-income program. Neat.

Here’s what happened in the rest of the site:

Thoughts on Fashion – I wrote down some thoughts about my somewhat conflicted relationship with fashion.